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Compliments from supporters in the USA

Wednesday 30 May 2007

Bob and Penny Davies from Pennsylvania sent this letter to the Glamorgan Gazette

May, 2007       

The Editor, Glamorgan Gazette, Brackla Street Bridgend.

Dear  Sir or Madame,   

Although we have been living in the USA since 1967, my husband and I visit the Bridgend area a few times a year to visit elderly mums, family and friends. We grew up in the area and always enjoy our return visits. Recently, our trips have been giving us extra enjoyment as we have been attending various concerts given by the Bridgend Male Choir. We  saw them at Tabernacle  Chapel in Bridgend a while ago and planned a trip to hear them in Blaengarw.

This Spring, we travelled up to Aberystwyth just a day after we arrived in the UK, to see them in a final choral competition. There were four excellent choirs participating, and they were all superb. Although Bridgend did not win, I am sure the judges had a hard time choosing.    

Just before our return to the USA, we attended a joint concert given by Bridgend Choir and one from Arizona in the States. It was also magnificent! We are such avid supporters that we are getting to know the talented gentlemen singers, conductor and pianist. How lucky the residents of Bridgend are to have such talent  on their doorstep! The quality of the voices, music and the dedication of the men and the lady pianist are outstanding.     

This choir is planning a trip to the USA in the near future and we look forward to their performances. We have welcomed a number of choirs in the past, Pendyrus being the latest.   We heartily give the Bridgend Male Choir a big thank you for giving us such a bonus on our Welsh visits.!


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