Choristers Cook Sunday Lunch

It was a pleasure and a privilege to cook and deliver Sunday lunch to some fellow choristers in lockdown, with the proceeds going to Parkinson's Disease Society Wales/Cymru. Choristers enjoyed delicious Welsh produce purchased from John Tudor, Merthyr Mawr farm, expertly cooked by John Barrey. A variety of desserts ranging from a sumptous apple strudel with creamy custard to a delicious sticky toffee pudding was also savoured. Choristers thanked thier fellow members saying "it was the best takeaway they'd ever had with fresh vegtables and plenty of meat. Many thanks.

".A message from Dave Burt, local Parkinson's UK/Cymru team and BMC Honorary Member. Very many thanks again to the Bridgend Male Choir Chefs and diners. What you are doing is so special & so much valued at Parkinson's UK/ Cymru and at our local Team Bridgend, Parkinson's. I'm so proud to be a member of this great group of choristers. Another £83 this week brings the total sum this year with which the Choir will have been involved to £2,783, plus the remaining rearranged Concert proceeds, which date is still months away....and Parkinson's needs it!. Traditional sources of Income for our worthy charity are already down some 25% due to the current coronavirus bug which is plaguing all our lives. The loss of such events ranging from the London Marathon to Table Top sales and Coffee Mornings to Swansea Bay sponsored walk are taking their toll . Your support is enabling us locally to contribute more for continuing patient care and support services and my favourite destination, neurological research, the latter of which will one day lessen the effects on people like myself and not too far away, find a cure. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. David Burt Team Parkinson's, Bridgend Honorary Member, Bridgend Male Choir