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Sunday 14 October 2012

The Choir is grateful to Geraint, Gareth & Tim for coordinating a successful campaign & to all choristers & music team for ensuring a warm welcome

During the ten years that the late John Jenkins was at the helm with Bridgend Male Choir, the number of choristers grew at a more or less constant rate from around 50 to over 90 at its peak. However, like many Welsh choirs, we are an aging membership, so, in more recent times, natural wastage has started to overtake the influx of new members.

This situation inspired the choir to undertake a positive recruitment campaign in recent months, culminating in local press coverage and two Choir Open Evenings when prospective members or even those just curious about the choir, were invited to come along and listen or perhaps join in if so inclined. The results so far have been gratifying, with nine new recruits taking up the challenge, and a few more are thought to be in the pipe-line. While the majority are experienced choristers, two are newcomers to the joy of synchronised singing. They will be carefully mentored and encouraged by established choristers who were after all beginners once themselves. It is fortuitous for the newcomers that, with Rhiannon Williams-Hale as Musical Director, the choir is starting to build an exciting new repertoire.

While the success of the recruitment effort thus far is gratifying, the choir will always be looking for new singers, so anyone thinking of taking up male choral singing should come along to one of our regular Thursday evening rehearsals at the OCLP Club, Bryntirion. Further advice is available from: Choir Secretary, Gareth Reese, 07773 170373 (01656) 862037


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