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Sunday 15 November 2015

To meet the SEASIDE NEWS deadline for December issue, the following has been sent.............     

Friday, 4th December at 7.00 pm will see the Choir perform at the Annual Friendship Concert at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Ewenny Road.  Also appearing will be the Choir of St. Mary;s Catholic School rendering a selection of seasonal items. The senior choir will do similar, as well as featuring items from its soon to be released CD. Tickets available from BMC Secretary on 07333 170373 or the Church & also immediately prior to the Concert. It will be the male choir’s last public performance in its home town until the Spring.  

     Also to come in mid December is a private & sold out Christmas Charity Concert at Southerndown Golf Club. Its also likely than a number of choristers will join “Singing Santa” friends at Bridgend Rotary Club for the traditional visit to local hotels & restaurants helping the Rotary raise funds for charity.   

    The choristers & music team are grateful to all concert-goers for their charity support during the year and wish them a joyful and peaceful Christmas


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