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Benefits of singing / Buddion canu 

''Singing in a choir - the ultimate team sport!

Have you ever wondered why so many men in Wales choose to belong to a choir? Well, of course, we are in the ‘Land of Song’, but you may be surprised to learn that singing and choir membership together bring so many great benefits as well as enjoyment. Here are just a few for you to ponder.


1. The chance to make new friends and meet others who have an interest in music.

The regular choir rehearsals, concerts and the camaraderie singing brings are great ways to make new friends and socialise.

2. Lowers stress levels and depression.

The stress-relieving benefits of choir singing have been widely recognized. Reduced stress, endorphins and the positive emotions felt during group singing contribute to a “high” singers often experience after rehearsals.

3. Enhance your immune system 

A study found that just one hour of group singing significantly lowers the stress hormone Cortisol, and boosts a person’s immune system. Research conducted alongside a choir in Frankfurt found that the group produced antibodies in the blood that are known to enhance the immune system and fight off excess bad bacteria.

4. Aerobic exercise 

You may not immediately associate singing as a work out, but singing regularly boosts the amount of oxygen in the blood, increases energy levels, and works out a range of muscles in the upper body. A joint study between Harvard and Yale in 2008 showed that regular singing can even increase life expectancy.

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