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Frequently Asked Questions / Cwestiynnau â gofynnwyd yn aml

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions about being a member of the Bridgend Male Choir. 

Please contact us if you have any other questions!

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Do I need an audition?

During the first few rehearsals you will join a section of the choir and sing with them to see how it feels…if it feels too low or too high for your voice….When you decide to join the choir it will be just a simple voice test alone with the Music Director to see in which section of the choir your voice is best suited.

Is my singing voice good enough?

If you can carry a tune and commit to learning the lyrics our talented professional music team will guide you in the right direction. What is certain is that with practice, determination and enthusiasm, your voice will improve over time.

Will I have to sing a solo?

No, as choristers practise new songs and learn to develop singing techniques… singing confidence will naturally grow but you will never have to sing a solo unless you choose to do so and are selected to do so by the Music Director.

Do I need to perform in concerts?

We are a performing choir and perform concerts quite often throughout the year, mostly, in aid of charity and worthy causes. However you will not be required to perform until you personally believe and the Music Director believes you are ready. Although choristers are not expected to commit to every single concert you are, after all, helping to raise money for charity in many instances so are encouraged to participate in as many concerts as possible.

I can't read music - does that matter?

No – it does not matter if you cannot read music (although we also welcome people who can read music).

I have never sung in a choir - does that matter?

No – it does not matter if you have never sung in a choir before.

How does a male voice choir work?

A male voice choir is split into four vocal sections: top tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass (from highest to lowest). When the four sections are put together they form a rich harmony.

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