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Friday 01 March 2013

Visitors from many Celtic lands descended on Porthcawl at the weekend     

March 1st 2013 was a first for Bridgend Male Choir when it shared an evening’s entertainment with groups from Wales, Scotland and Asturia at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl as part of the Cwlwm Celtaidd , the festival of the Celtic Knot .

    Bridgend Male Choir sang a well-received mixed set of Welsh and English numbers, as usual under the direction of Rhiannon Williams-Hale and with Laura Smith on piano. The evening included the Scottish pipe band, Ballochleam, the Welsh folk-dance group Dawnswyr Talog from Carmarthenshire, and Esbardu, a dance and bagpipe group from Asturias in Spain. The lead group on the bill were the Hennesys, including of course Frank Hennessy, who brought the house down with several of their numbers.

    This Celtic Festival deserves to be much better known locally and the choir looks forward to receiving other invitations to take part.

    Next up is entertainment at Cardiff City Hall, immediately prior to Wales vs. England Rugby on 16th March.


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