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Friday 27 September 2013

Maggie & Bill Hughes of Tongwynlais kindly completed this Review of the Choir's Annual Concert    

Bridgend Male Choir go from strength to strength and with 12 new members staging for the first time at this concert there is obviously no shortage of talent in this part of the world. Which is great news for those of us who await BMC’s concerts with anticipation.

   Their Annual Concert, held in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Bridgend, was yet another superb event and from the very beginning when the Choir’s wonderful voices filled the Church with the haunting sound of “The African Prayer” we all knew we were in for another wonderful evening. The Choir was accompanied by their exceptional musical team ably led by their Musical Director, the incomparable Rhiannon Williams-Hale, Accompanist StephanieBailey and Organist Scott Williams but tonight, with the addition of the talented Niamh Reese on drums. During the second half Scott gave a wonderful solo performance of “Westminster Chimes” and Rhiannon and Stephanie treated us to the very lively piano duet Dvorjak’s “Slavonik Dance in G Minor”.

   The Choir has a reputation for encouraging young talent and their special guests this evening were winners from the Treorchy Eisteddfod. Everyone was enthralled by the incredible performance of “The Rose” by diminutive 9 year old Carys Lewis followed by a duet with her 14 year old sister Charlotte. The girls were in perfect harmony when they sang “Calon Lan”. In the second half of the programme Carys sang “Castle on a Cloud” from Les Miserables and both Carys and Charlotte received standing ovations following winning instrumental solo performances – Carys on the Tenor Horn and Charlotte on the Cornet.

   Another special guest was the exceptional young teenager Jodi Bird from Penarth who even at her young age has appeared in a variety of television and theatre productions, writes her own music and has produced her own CD. She performed two beautiful solos and one number with the Choir and as would be expected from such an exceptional talent received a thunderous standing ovation.

   This evening can only be described as a veritable feast of young talent when we were treated to a powerful and stunning solo performance by Niamh Reese. Another well deserved standing ovation and I believe we are fortunate to know that our wonderful music is in safe hands and will continue to thrill audiences with these four exceptional young people.

   During the second half the Choir performed four very different pieces which will be their programme for the forthcoming prestigious competition in the Isle of Man on 17th October. If they perform half as well as they did this evening, they will certainly win over the judges. Good luck everyone!

   We were delighted that once again Choir Patron and First Minister was in the audience and commented……. “Another wonderful concert which combined the traditional with the new. Great credit has to go to everybody involved with the Choir for performing some difficult pieces with great aplomb. Well done all and the best of luck in The Isle of Man”


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