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Friday 22 January 2010

Gareth Davies writes.......

Bridgend Male Choir took to the stage resplendent in brand spanking new uniforms & gold bow ties to celebrate its Golden Celebrations. The occasion was to support the students of Brynteg Comprehensive School at its venue to raise funds for the seniors’ rugby & netball tour of the East Coast of Australia. Staff member, Robert Sage welcomed the capacity audience of 200.   

The Choir had a number of old boys from the School in its ranks, amongst whom was baritone, David Francis who performed I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. David had last sung in the school hall as a boy soprano 50 years previously. Also notably among the old boys was Laleston’s Len Gwilliam, another baritone. Len had famously captained the school rugby team in 1946/47/48 paving the way for a host of academic British Lions including Dr. Jack Matthews, JPR Williams, Gareth Williams, Mike Hall, Robert Howley, Dafydd James and Gavin Henson.   

The Concert was led by the admirable John Jenkins, who included in the repertoire Comrades In Arms, the Roman War Song and Bui Doi in tribute to the British Armed Forces, in readiness for the Choir’s UK Cathedral Series Tour this year. Tenor soloist Paul Carter performed the solo part in the Miss Saigon number. The music content on the evening allowed accompanist, Laura Smith to show her outstanding talent appreciated by audience and choristers alike. Other soloists on the evening included tenor Gwyn Williams with Beautiful Dreamer, baritone David Hillman with Long Ago and Far Away (from the film, Cover Girl), bass Gethin Williams with In Cellar Cool, tenor John Morgan with Lily of the Valley and tenor Leon Evans with Morte Criste.   

Choristers of the Bridgend Male Choir are now underway with arguably their best ever programme of events to mark the Choir’s very special birthday. They will endeavour to keep their many supporters up-to-date throughout. The Choir’s next event is a short tour to Torbay next month.   


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