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Festival Of Song in Association with The Cardiff Masonic Trust. (By Jan Craddock).

This was to be a ground breaking event and the choir boarded a coach in anticipation, followed by a coach of loyal supporters. All were looking forward to being entertained in the beautiful and historic surroundings of a Masonic Temple.

After a warm welcome, and instant admiration of the building in which we found ourselves, we settled down in readiness for a glorious concert. We were not to be disappointed.

The evening was expertly and humorously hosted, in both English and Welsh, by baritone chorister Chris Jones, who heroically deputised for long term host, Gareth Davies who was sadly unable to join us.

Under the leadership of imaginative musical director, Ryan Wood and Stewart Roberts, accomplished pianist and musical director of Treorchy MC, the choir had the confidence and ability to innovate and challenge the boundaries of an exciting and diverse repertoire.

The choir opened with a rousing rendition of Calon Lan and bewitching performances of Welsh pieces Yfory and Gwahoddiad. The scene was set and the audience were now eager to hear more.

Soprano, Charlotte Ellett, with a voice to die for, performed with power and control and delighted the audience.

The gathering were captivated with the sound of the magnificent organ. A glorious earful filled the Temple and we were privileged to witness it being played with such precision, skill and distinguished talent of Jeff Howard.

The concertgoers found it difficult to contain themselves from waiting for pieces to finish before showing their appreciation with rapturous applause.

The interval conversation was full of superlatives, amazing, fantastic, breath taking, awesome, outstanding, sensational, etc. etc.

The choristers were motivated and uplifted by the response they received and eagerly looked forward to the second part of this joyous evening. Each song felt like the rediscovery of a much loved treasured possession.

Charlotte and Jeff continued to please and delight and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the choir surpassed itself.

Baritone, Dr Peter Morgan expressively narrated the Gettysburg Address to engage the listener before hearing the moving rendition of ‘Tell my Father’.

Charlotte and Jeff collaborated with the choir in a sublimely executed blend of ‘Morte Christie’, finishing with several momentous ‘Amens’. Spine tingling.!!!!

American Trilogy was certainly a show stopper where everyone in the Temple experienced an incredible moment of togetherness. Voices and organ blended and the choir motto of, friendship through music’, really did strike a chord.

The final standing ovation was a testament to the truly magnificent performance we all enjoyed. One chorister was heard to say, ‘I thought the clapping would never end, it was a wonderful response’.

Proceeds from the evening are destined for the Association of Friends of Edward Albert Prince of Wales Court, Porthcawl.


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