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Friday 15 July 2011

A "Vote of Thanks" was made to the Choir by Hamish Fleming of Comrie, Perthshire - what better than a truly independepent tribute.

Ladies and gentlemen, I deem it an honour to present,on your behalf, a hearty vote of thanks to the Bridgend Male Choir for what has proved to be an outstanding musical bonanza this evening. This is a particular honour, since they are shortly to fulfil a Royal engagement. How shortly depends on how long this vote of thanks takes. (The Royal is a nearby hostelry!)

The rich, sonorous harmonies which male Welsh voices engender, has always thrilled their audiences. Gentlemen, the programme you have offered us this evening has been, as expected, a broad sweep of the best in classical and popular music. Under the wonderful direction of John Jenkins, you have brought us close to tears, drawn us into rapture, and given us a fantastic, incalculable - - £5 worth . To open your programme, you astonished us with thrilling Welsh songs reverberating through this acoustically improved sanctuary - Rachie, Pie Jesu and Llef awakening our anticipation of a splendid evening to come. The first half was riveting and exciting. The Interval audience chat had as its main theme – ‘never heard such superb singing before’.

In the second half, the ‘In Lighter Mood’ selection brought out the true skills of the Choir showing your depth of feeling for the songs you sing. ‘Rhythm of Life’ is a real test of how a choir can hold a difficult song together . Full marks for a flawless performance of a good old tongue twister. The choir must be proud of its soloists – Paul, Gethin and Gwyn on the night – all of whom gave superlative renditions.

Scott Williams made our church organ sound ten times better than it is with Karg Elert’s ‘Marche Triomphale’. All choirs rely on an authoritative and empathetic accompaniment and this we enjoyed from Laura Smith’s outstanding sensitivity and versatility on the Piano .Local budding musician Kenny Cormack , as guest soloist, Brought to us the haunting beauty of the classical guitar in a couple of Spanish pieces. The evening was charmingly compered by choir member, Gareth Davies – thanks for making us feel so much a part of the evening – especially the privilege of joining in singing along with the choir at the end of the programme.

To John Jenkins our sincerest thanks John, for bringing out the very best from the Choir and for your marvellous arrangements and programme planning. It has been a singular , yes unique, treat for us your audience. We go home truly uplifted.  

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