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St. John's House Trust concert St. Mary's R.C. Church Bridgend

Friday 05 April 2019

Bridgend Male Choir performed a concert in the beautiful St. Mary’s R.C. Church on Friday 5th April and were joined by the talented Oldcastle Primary School choir and Vocelle Choir in support of St. John’s House Trust (Bridgend).

It was a wonderful evening full of amazing songs from many different genres which couldn’t fail to send a chill down one’s spine. Bridgend Male Choir, a bright jewel in Bridgend’s crown, kicked off with a rousing arrangement of the Welsh hymn, Builth. This set the scene for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of vocal extravaganza.

The children of Oldcastle Primary School showcased amazing talent and performed confidently and enthusiastically under the guidance of Charlotte Ellett. From the second they began their performance they earned everyone’s attention and appreciation.

The ladies of Vocelle were very ably accompanied on the piano and performed a beautiful and moving performance of Ar Lan Y Mor alongside a varied program of enjoyable songs including Let The River Run and It Don’t Mean a Thing. Music is considered to be an art due to its sound, structure and feeling and Bridgend Male Choir continued to delight us with several other crowd pleasers during the evening. The challenging Rhythm Of Life was delivered impeccably and the performance put a smile on all our faces. The choir was joined by Vocelle for the final Welsh hymn Tydi A Roddaist which brought an appreciative second standing ovation of the evening.

The talented musical team of Stewart Roberts, Stephanie Bailey and Scott Williams certainly brought the best out of the choristers and a solo performance on the organ by Scott was joyful.

Janet Craddock


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