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Well deserved honours awarded by our Music Director Ryan Wood and our Accompanist Stephanie Bailey

Huw Jones (right) - winner of the Chorister of the Year Award.

Huw won this award for a number of reasons including his evident passion for choral singing. He shows unstinting loyalty to the choir and he shows that he cares. He has taken huge pride in the formation of the top tenor section and regularly liaises with the music team about where choristers fit best. He is a huge support to the music team and works hard to ensure he knows the music.

David Deeley (left) - winner of Newcomer of the Year Award

David has shown very impressive levels of commitment to the choir despite only having been a member for a relatively short period of time. He ensured that he was up to speed quickly so that he could ‘stage’ in quite a short space of time. This is no mean feat, given that the majority of the Repertoire is in Welsh and David is not a native. David is an example to other newcomers.


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