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Welsh Kennel Club, Builth Wells

Saturday 19 August 2017

Evening Concert at the Royal Welsh Showground

The highlight for many, following a very successful 3-day show at RWAS, Builth Wells with The Welsh Kennel Club, was the Choir Concert last weekend.  

Bridgend Male Choir performed at a charitable event in support of Breast Cancer Wales with Builth Wells Ladies Choir and soprano Sally Ann Kingsbury.   Both choirs and guest soprano, Sally Ann Kingsbury gave a wonderful light and shade performance in the main hall at the Showground. The assembled audience, both National and International, were impressed by the quality and the depth of feeling with many fantastic comments received on a very inspiring and enjoyable concert.   The many overseas judges and visitors were all very impressed and judging from the excellent comments on the canine facebook pages and various phone camera recording going around, BMC's reputation will have been enhanced all around the globe. One recording received over 3500 hits!   

Bridgend Male Choir can next be seen in concert, in support of Parkinson's UK, on the 16 September 2017 at Bethlehem Church Life Centre, Cefn Cribwr.


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